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12 Jan Diamond Cuts and Shape
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Diamond Cuts and Shape When you buy a diamond ring, the first thing you would notice is probably the size of the diamond. This is known as the stone’s carat weight. However, this is not the only factor to be considered when you buy diamond jewellery. There are 4 Cs that determine the value of a d..
12 Jan How to Buy a Diamond Ring without Getting Duped
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How to Buy a Diamond Ring without Getting Duped Ah, diamonds! These exquisite, sparkling gemstones make every occasion memorable and every moment special. People usually choose to mark their special moments with diamonds, especially a diamond ring. Rings studded with these precious stones mak..
12 Jan How to Tell if a Diamond is Fake
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How to Tell if a Diamond is Fake With the increasing number of fake diamonds sneaking into the jewellery market, customer is often at a risk of buying imitations thinking them to be the genuine stones. The worst part is that buying an imitation will burn a deep hole in your pocket. That is ..
12 Jan Amethyst
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AmethystThere is something special about the colour purple. It is attractive, bold, and warm at the same time. These are the exact qualities that set amethysts apart from other gemstones in the world of jewellery. Whether you are buying a pair of earrings, bangles, or rings studded with these purple..
12 Jan Aquamarine
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AquamarineHave you ever looked at the deep blue sea and wondered how beautiful it is? Has the colour of deep waters ever enchanted you? Here’s good news for you. You can wear the refreshing blue colour of the shimmering sea in the form of finely crafted jewellery. All you need is a gemstone called a..
12 Jan Making Charges and wastage charges in gold jewellery
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Making Charges and wastage charges in gold jewelleryWhat are Making Charges in Gold jewelleryWhen you fall in love with a piece of gold jewellery, and decide to purchase it, you don’t just buy the piece, you invest in a design conceptualised by the designer, the effort and the artistry that it takes..
12 Jan Myths About the Purchase of Gold
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Myths About the Purchase of GoldGold is one of the, well, gold standards among investments in physical commodities. It has also been an investment phenomenon in most parts of the world in the past decade. However, there is an ocean of misinformation that misguides gold buyers. Owing to the myths, go..
12 Jan Terms Used in Jewellery
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Terms Used in JewelleryAlloyAn alloy refers to a metal created by combining two or more metals. The new metal will have some properties of both metals used to create it. Gold jewellery is typically crafted from an alloy of gold with copper, silver, nickel or zinc. Similarly, silver jewellery is craf..
12 Jan Is Buying Gold A Good Investment
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Is Buying Gold A Good Investment Gold plays an important role in shaping the economies of nations. That’s true for India’s economy too. It has been a valuable commodity for a long time in history. Gold was the universal trading currency for over 6000 years in history. The worldwide recognition of..
12 Jan Topaz
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TopazWhen it comes to certain gemstones, it isn’t the size or the cut that matters, but their colour. Topaz is a fine case in point. It may not be a precious gemstone but its colours can make even the fussiest buyer fall head over heels for it. That’s probably how this semi-precious gem has rightful..
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